Australian Parliament House

Client: Australian Parliament House

Comprehensive consultation and benchmarking informed a strategic approach to redefining services and infrastructure for Australian Parliament House.

The Project

Parliament House is in the Parliamentary triangle in Canberra. It is a unique and complex operating environment for retail and hospitality services which provide an important amenity for visitors and support the needs and wellbeing of parliamentarians and government officers.

Department of Parliamentary Services initiated a comprehensive review of retail and food services to inform the development of a Retail and Food Strategy for Parliament House.

Key Insights

The scope and range of services accessible to visitors, parliamentarians and government officers was central to this review, which was informed through consultation across all levels of government. Services, offer, location, access and operating models were reviewed and benchmarked across state governments to inform this first comprehensive review of retail and food and beverage services.

The strategic review considered both public, government and member-access areas, identifying opportunities for the relocation and upgrade of retail areas. It also considered the inclusion of additional services to optimise retail and food and beverage services, as well as commercial outcomes for commercial operations at Parliament House.

The comprehensive strategy included systems and areas analysis, retail mix and operating models to optimise delivery, service and commercial outcomes. It was supported by concept and layout plans across public and member access areas.

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