City of Perth Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy


Client: City of Perth

Arts, culture and heritage recognition are transformative elements for modern cities that help to position them as attractive places to live, work and invest.

The Project

Recognising the role of arts, culture and heritage in enriching community life, the City of Perth has initiated the development of a strategy to inform priority planning, investment and partnerships to support the rich and culturally diverse life of the Perth community.

From arenas and stadiums to galleries and performance venues, Perth City is blessed with some of the country’s best cultural facilities and public art spaces. This, together with an abundance of outdoor spaces – parklands, rivers, and connection with the sea, and access to high standards of education and public services, has ensured Perth is ranked in the top 10 most liveable cities globally.

The Lord Mayor, in her introduction to Perth’s Public Art Strategy noted that: “Liveable cities are those that achieve a balance between providing a nurturing and encouraging environment for fledgling talents, and being bold enough to back ambitious and innovative enterprises at scale and smart enough to support traditional needs too.”

Building on wide-ranging community consultation undertaken for its Community Strategic Plan, the Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy will guide planning and investment over the next 5 years.

Our Role

This has informed our engagement with groups and individuals, from artists and production companies to our diverse multi-cultural community.

Before broader community consultation, more than 150 individuals from the creative sector and the wider community gave voice to some of the key considerations and opportunities to shape the strategy. Working closely with the City, The Maytrix Group and Positive Solutions developed the City’s first Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy, adopted by Council in early 2018.

The Strategy celebrates the City’s rich heritage and diverse multi-cultural communities. It recognises the City’s built and natural assets, and celebrates its many achievements in arts, culture and heritage to shape a rich and engaged community.

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