Greyhound Racing Victoria – CityGAP Café


Client: Greyhound Racing Victoria

Analysis and concept development for a dog-friendly café promoting adoption of former racing greyhounds in central Melbourne.

The Project

The Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) is an initiative of Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV), aimed at finding loving family homes for the many dogs that are retired or rejected from racing every year.

One of the main barriers to rehoming former racing greyhounds is lack of public awareness of the available dogs and their suitability
as family pets. Opportunities to introduce potential adopters to available dogs in a calm and friendly environment will assist both
with finding adopters and increasing awareness of GAP within the community.

To this end, CITYGAP was envisioned as a contemporary dogfriendly café, offering niche retail dog-related products and programmed services fostering awareness of GRV’s Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP). This will be achieved through giving café patrons the opportunity to engage with former racing greyhounds within the café environment, in support of GRV’s intention to achieve full rehoming.

Our Role

The Maytrix Group was engaged to provide advice on how to approach the CITYGAP initiative and to work with GRV on developing a marketable concept for the café. Two potential markets were identified for the cafe: the greyhound community and general dog enthusiasts; and people living, working in or visiting the local area who will be driven by convenience and the café’s service offering rather than specifically by the dog connection.

The Maytrix Group is working with GRV to refine the café concept,focusing on excellent coffee in a contemporary setting with street
presence. CITYGAP will offer a café menu and a dogs’ menu in service to the greyhound community and local dog lovers. GRV’s aims for the GAP program will be furthered through providing customers with an introduction to adoptable greyhounds and onsite retail of dog related products and services. The project is intended to progress through financial modelling and full business planning in the coming months.

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