Doutta Galla Aged Services

Client: Doutta Galla Aged Services

Review and recommendations for upgrades to kitchens at aged care facilities

The Project

Doutta Galla Aged Services operates aged care facilities predominantly located in the western suburbs of Melbourne. A progressive refurbishment of its facilities aimed to improve the quality and accessibility of the services it provides. In line with its mission, meals for residents are prepared on site to allow the kitchens to respond to the specific needs and cultural backgrounds of the people they serve.

The upgrade of facilities provided the opportunity to achieve improved efficiencies and quality control through effective kitchen layouts and the introduction of best practice environmental approaches.

Our Role

Planning for the kitchen upgrades was commenced with a review of current and future menu and service delivery options, and informed by an analysis of available kitchen equipment.

Inspections of the kitchens at three DGAS facilities — Ascot Vale, Woornack in Sunshine and Lynch’s Bridge in Kensington —  were carried out, followed by collaboration with DGAS’s architectural consultants and facility staff to improve kitchen operations and safety. The key deliverables of the upgrade program were improved OHS and Food Safety compliance of kitchen and catering areas, greater operational efficiency, development of a functional design brief for catering and associated service areas, and effective consultation with key personnel at each facility and the DGAS project manager.

A detailed Functional Design Brief was delivered, incorporating a range of recommendations regarding kitchen design, workflow and equipment choices, to provide direction for the upgrade program.

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