Ipswich Performing Arts Centre

Client: Ipswich City Council (via Ranbury Management Group)

The Ipswich Performing Arts Centre will revitalise and culturally enhance the CBD with the guidance of specialist advice and a high-level functional design brief that will optimise operational and economic outcomes

The Project

The city of Ipswich is located 40 kilometres South West of the Brisbane CBD and has been identified in the South-East Queensland Regional Plan (Plan) as a Principal Activity Centre (PAC). It is projected to be the fastest growing local government area in Queensland, with the population forecast to increase by 4.6% p.a. on average. To realise the objectives of the PAC, the Ipswich Regional Centre Strategy was developed, identifying actions and works to revitalise the Ipswich City Centre. The aim of these projects is to create a world class active urban heart for the City of Ipswich.

As part of the broader strategy, Ipswich City Council initiated development of a multi-purpose Performing Arts Centre, envisioned as an exciting community space that would revitalise and culturally enhance the Ipswich CBD. The proposed concept design includes a 1,200 to 1,500 seat main auditorium, a 400 to 600 seat secondary auditorium, a 500 seat function facility and ancillary areas for conferences, kitchen, recording studio, rehearsal spaces and selected retail outlets.

The Council commissioned a Business Case for the Ipswich Performing Arts Centre (IPAC), the final stages of which required specialist advice to help establish whether the Centre should include a dedicated or shared venue for functions and events, for private functions or to support programming.

Our Role

In recognition of its expertise in functions and catering within Performing Arts environments, The Maytrix Group was engaged to work with Positive Solutions, to provide advice and recommendations informing the Business Case for lead consultant Ranbury Management Group.

Delivery of the project included carrying out benchmarking activities encompassing similar venue types and collaborating with key stakeholders and the project architects regarding the space available and key considerations for the venue. This culminated in the provision of a high-level functional design brief to inform planning of the project and optimise future operational and investment outcomes.

The project is currently at the stage of selecting a final site and resolving the design. Future stages of the project may involve a detailed demand analysis and design planning advice for specific hospitality areas.

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