Melbourne Connect

Client: University of Melbourne

Inspired planning unleashes collaboration and the creative spirit at Melbourne Connect, a visionary precinct for innovators to live, work, study and play

The Project

A connected innovation ecosystem being developed by the University of Melbourne and international partners will foster multidisciplinary, creative, and entrepreneurial collaboration across industry, business, universities and government.

Melbourne Connect will include Australia’s first member of the Science Gallery network, and the visionary Superfloor that connects multiple buildings with dedicated event and collaboration spaces to facilitate community engagement and harness cross-business and industry collaboration.

Science Gallery Melbourne is part of an international network of science galleries dedicated to igniting creativity and discovery at the intersection of art and science. Showcasing emerging research and ideas from the worlds of science, technology, art and design, it aims to stimulate scientific engagement across age groups, offering a significant resource for science educators as well as a major tourist drawcard.

A carefully planned food and beverage strategy lays the framework for activation and engagement of the precinct and supports programming through commercial outcomes.

Our Role

A Food and Beverage Strategy was developed to align the project with current and future market trends, with a curated retail offer designed to maximise utilisation of the dynamic and innovative spaces during the working day and after hours.

Informing infrastructure planning, operating, contracting and service delivery models, the Strategy considered all aspects of precinct development, providing a roadmap for planning and scoping services requirements. In developing a contract model, Maytrix identified the critical issues for market response and delivered an overview of potential operators based on preliminary market sounding. This informed a strategic approach to fit-out funding and the development of appropriate benchmarks.

A vision statement and scope were developed to guide a high-level implementation plan that identified key steps and processes necessary to deliver the required service levels and aspirational food and beverage experiences envisioned for Melbourne Connect.

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