Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne – Moonlight Cinema

Client: Royal Botanic Gardens Board

Summer nights and cinematic magic continues a tradition started at the Melbourne Gardens

The Project

Melbourne’s iconic Moonlight Cinema program has been delighting crowds at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens for more than 20 years, becoming a highlight of the summer calendar and kickstarting outdoor cinema in Australia.

The diverse program engages diverse audiences over an extended summer season complementing the commercial program at the Gardens.  Presented against a backdrop of the Melbourne city skyline, the tendering of this tightly held contract offered the opportunity to refocus and refresh the program, improve access and ensure commercial activities are carefully curated in this sensitive and much-loved environment.

Our Role

A comprehensive market analysis informed the scoping of this tender, assessing the critical requirements for operating in the Gardens environment, and identified new opportunities to express the vision for the Melbourne Gardens.

The tender scoped the functional needs for operating in the Gardens and sought creative solutions to deliver continued growth for Melbourne’s most magical night out.

The Maytrix Group worked closely with the Gardens to identify and capture critical issues, and to effectively manage the documentation and delivery of this tender, contract planning and evaluation.

Cult-classics and pre-release films continue to star in the six-day program which continues to run from November annually. The awarded contract delivers enhanced access, an extended program and experience through improved infrastructure to deliver an exceptional cinematic experience while minimising impact on the fabric of the Botanic Gardens. A creative approach to service delivery provides expanded experience to effectively engage wider audiences.

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