Zoos Victoria – Multi-Site Catering Procurement

Client: Zoological Parks and Gardens Board (Zoos Victoria)

Catering transforms experience and supports an environmentally sustainable vision for Victoria’s three uniquely different zoos

The Project

Zoos Victoria operates world-class zoos on three sites at Melbourne, Werribee and Healesville, which collectively welcomed 2.4 million visitors in 2016-17. As a zoo based conservation organisation, conservation is Zoos Victoria’s primary objective, supported by recreation and education. To achieve their conservation goals, the zoos must also maintain the public’s interest and meet their expectations around animal welfare, visitor amenities and visitor experiences.

Catering is an integral aspect of the zoos’ offering, which impacts visitor experience and supports Zoos Victoria’s commercial objectives. Themed menus and outlets support an immersive experience, and play a role in providing insight into conservation and sustainability issues impacting survival of species. Catering must continually evolve, and play a leadership role in conservation and sustainability to support Zoos Victoria’s vision. Catering revenue also supports the Zoo Foundation to enable ongoing investment in conservation work and capital development.

Our Role

The Maytrix Group has worked closely with Zoos Victoria over the past 15 years to continuously evolve the delivery of retail and function catering, through the planning of catering facilities in new animal encounter precincts, and the scoping, management and delivering the procurement of catering services for the three zoo campuses.

Zoos Victoria’s catering partner plays an integral role in visitor experience of the zoos, and in supporting the delivery Zoos Victoria’s environmental and sustainability messages. Catering services are scoped to ensure menus and food production are regionally focused, and menus targeted to reflect the diversity of visitors to the zoos. The Maytrix Group work closely with Zoos Victoria to identify new opportunities to evolve the catering offer and service delivery to enhance visitors experience of the zoos, and to scope the redevelopment of facilities to support the delivery of the zoos vision.

Our comprehensive engagement includes scoping, documenting, managing and mobilising multiple contracts simultaneously across the three zoo campuses, as well as scoping and planning the redevelopment of existing catering facilities and the development of new facilities.

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