Procurement Strategy

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Procurement Strategy

The Maytrix Group provide pre tender analysis and contract benchmarking processes to qualify operational and commercial aspirations and inform the appropriate procurement method for the food service industry that will clearly articulate stakeholder objectives.

  • Tender documentation
  • Tender management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Food service operator appointment
  • KPI planning and contract management

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Business Planning & Strategy

Business Planning and Strategy
Business Planning and Strategy

The Maytrix Group provide high level hospitality planning frameworks to ensure complex operations benefit from a clear strategic vision, enabling long term commercial success.

  • Financial analysis
  • Labor analysis and human resources strategies
  • Supply chain analysis and development
  • Business and profit improvement reviews
  • Food safety consultancy
  • Contract compliance consultancy

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Food Retail Strategy & Audits

Food and Retail Strategy and Audits
Food and Retail Strategy and Audits

The Maytrix Group develop successful food and retail concepts and solutions, which effectively meet market demand. We ensure commercially and operationally sustainable solutions by assessing consumer expectations and market trends and developing innovative products that ensure competitive market presence.

The Maytrix Group develop and manage performance enhancement methods to support ongoing improvements across all areas of business delivery.

  • Menu writing and reviews
  • Retail concept development
  • Visual merchandising
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Service design
  • Product development
  • Hospitality business management training

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Master and Facilities Planning

Master and Facilities Planning
Australian Catholic University

The Maytrix Group utilise tested project management processes to address critical business objectives and strategic priorities for stakeholders of master and facilities planning projects.

  • Design and documentation of commercial kitchens
  • Retail and front of house concept development and documentation
  • Revenue management strategies for project implementation phases
  • Expert food service facilities consultation
  • Commercial mixed use planning
  • Contract capital works project management

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Feasibility and Options Analysis

Feasibility and Options Analysis
Feasibility and Options Analysis

The Maytrix Group provide business and market testing to ensure viable commercial frameworks to support sustainable long term business solutions.

We balance design and business acumen with user-centered insights, ensuring meaningful and lasting outcomes.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Industry and market research
  • Competitor and food service industry trend analysis

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Organisational Reviews

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Organisational Reviews

The Maytrix Group perform analysis of organisational performance to ensure financial sustainability, effective structures and efficient use of facilities and infrastructure.

  • Board reporting
  • KPI measuring, analysis and advisory services
  • Organisational structure reviews and change management planning
  • Food service operations and labour analysis

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Marketing & Communication

Marketing and Communication
Marketing and Communication

The Maytrix Group provide high level commercial hospitality market and communication planning to ensure strategic objectives are realised. Working with all stakeholders to ensure effective use of resources, we deliver results that ensure improved and competitive food service market presence.

  • Hospitality industry market analysis
  • Food and beverage retail marketing plans
  • Functions food service marketing plans
  • Concept development
  • Brand management
  • Visual merchandising
  • Collateral design and development

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In order to be compliant with Government contracts and provide competitive commercial acumen, all hospitality businesses should incorporate an enduring social and environmentalsustainability policy into their business practice.

The Maytrix Group have experience providing expert advice and design outcomes with services such as:

  • Supply chain reviews, sustainability modelling and strategy
  • Design of food waste processes and procedures
  • Sustainable packaging innovation
  • Water system innovation and design
  • Sustainability policy reviews and documentation development

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